What are containers?

There are many different types of containers. Most are manufactured to the specification of the International Standards Organization (ISO).
Containers can be used to ship cargo or goods worldwide, and they can be used as well to store various commodities.
Containers are usually made of a special type of steel which prohibits these equipments from rusting.
A container is capable of withstanding a payload of 20 to 35 tons, depending on the size.
An empty 20’ container weighs 2.5 tons whereas a 40’ container’s weight is 4 tons.

Are containers secure?

Containers can be locked with seals through the holes in the door thus making them completely safe and secure.

What is the lifespan of a container?

The lifespan of a container, whether used for shipping or storage, depends mainly on the careful usage and regular maintenance and servicing,
such as painting and repairing the unit whenever damaged. Fixing small areas of corrosion in the early stages will prevent unexpected leaks and further damages.
Proper upkeep of the equipment will lead to many years of usage. Under normal conditions, a new container’s lifespan can exceed 20 years.

How and where do I service, maintain and repair my container?

There are repair depots located worldwide. You may contact us and we will provide with information about the nearest one.

What color will my container be?

Containers come in a wide variety of colors. The type of paint to be used is usually chlorinated rubber or vinyl to be able to withstand and resist sea water, sun and abrasion. However, if a specific color is needed, we can accommodate such a service.

What is the cost of a container?

The price of a container depends on several factors such as their size, type, age and location.

How does a container get delivered to a customer?

Once your order is finalized, we will dispatch your container of choice through sea and/or land to your requested destination (Shipping charges may apply). We can also arrange the containers to be picked up from our various depots.