Metz Equipment & Logistix


Metz Equipment & Logistix is part of the Metz Group of Companies.
The Metz Group has over 60 years of experience in the shipping industry ranging from liners, carriers, trucking, warehousing, agencies, feedering, freight forwarding and stevedoring.

MEL is a specialized branch which extends the wide scope of services offered by its parent company to further meet the demands of the client. This division offers quality new and used containers for all purposes whether shipping, storage, or prefabricated housing. Our broad range of services consist of:

  • Purchase and Sale of new and used containers
  • Cabotage and Repositioning
  • Leasing Prefabricated Housing & Office Space
  • Storage Facilities Inland Logistics

We pride ourselves in our efficient and friendly customer support, qualified team, high quality of containers and excellent service.
Metz Equipment & Logistix can deliver containers to any location anywhere in the world.
All our equipments are individually priced according to age, type, condition and location.